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We offer premium cannabis pre rolls, loaded pre-rolls and vapes.

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New: LOADED PRE ROLLS - Infused with cannabis oil and covered in kief, for an extraordinary PUFF experience.

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High Quality Pre-Rolls

Made with 100% cannabis flowers only!

We use flowers that are fully cured, trimmed and destemmed. Batches are fresh ground right before they are packed to ensure each strain’s unique aroma and abundant characteristics are preserved. No trim or leaf in our pre rolls ever!

PUFF for any situation

We offer 5 different all flower pre-rolls, also available in loaded pre-rolls and vape pens.


  • type: Sativa
  • strain: 5 Alive


  • type: Hybrid
  • strain: Grapefruit OG


  • type: Indica
  • strain: Lava cake


  • type: CBD + THC
  • strain: Critical Cure


  • type: Limited Edition Hybrid
  • strain: Jailbreak OG (OG Kush x Bruce Banner)

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