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We offer premium cannabis pre rolls, loaded pre-rolls and vapes.

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New: LOADED PRE ROLLS - Infused with cannabis oil and covered in kief, for an extraordinary PUFF experience.

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chill LOADED pre-rolls

When you absolutely positively need to kick back. We took our chill pre-roll and coated in a heavy layer of indica oil and golden kief for a smoking experience that will leave you chill to the max.

balance LOADED pre-rolls

The name can be deceiving on this one. Our balance pre-roll painted with a thick layer of hybrid oil and rolled in kief is anything more than a balance, it’s fully loaded to take you into space.

uplift LOADED pre-rolls

Our uplift loaded pre-roll will absolutely get you higher than a kite! We took our best selling uplift pre-roll and slathered it in a coat of rich sativa cannabis oil and dusted in our finest blonde kief.

well LOADED pre-rolls

Our well pre-roll loaded with a heavier dose of THC. Rolled with THC/CBD flower and coated in a layer for THC oil and kief. It will still get you nice and buzzed with all the benefits of CBD.

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