Let’s puff.

We offer premium cannabis pre rolls, loaded pre-rolls and vapes.

Are you 21+ years old?

Try our new PUFF pops - 100% flower with a popping terpene bead in the crutch

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lit 🔥 pre-rolls

Are you ready to get lit? Our special edition PUFF lit 🔥 is rolled with ultra premium exotic flowers for a dazzling smoking experience.

well pre-rolls

If you’re looking for light psychoactive effects with all the benefits of CBD in a pre-roll, then PUFF well is perfect for you. Great for beginners and light smokers.

uplift pre-rolls

Need a little pick me up? Our uplift pre-roll is great for inspiring thought and mood. Rolled with pure sativa flowers, these pre-rolls leave you with a euphoric and uplifting high.

chill pre-rolls

Take a break from life and try one of our chill pre-rolls and sink into the couch a little further. We roll these with indica flowers that will leave you relaxed and carefree.

balance pre-rolls

If you’re looking for a way to get your feet back on the ground, our balance pre-roll is perfect. Rolled with hybrid flowers for an evenly balanced combination of head and body high.

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