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We offer premium cannabis pre rolls, loaded pre-rolls and vapes.

Are you 21+ years old?

New: LOADED PRE ROLLS - Infused with cannabis oil and covered in kief, for an extraordinary PUFF experience.

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balance vapes

Relieve the ups and down of your day with a quick PUFF from one of our Sauced Up balance vapes. Filled with Hybrid Live Resin sauce that is complex yet balanced producing a wonderful high and grounding buzz.

chill vapes

Take relaxation to the next level with our PUFF chill Sauced Up vape. Filled with Indica Live Resin sauce that is both floral and sedative. This vape will kiss your lips and lower your eyelids.

uplift vapes

One PUFF our uplift Sauced Up vape and your head will be in the clouds. Filled with Sativa Live Resin sauce for its energetic terpene profiles and lively effects with zesty flavors

well vapes

With a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, our PUFF Sauced UP well vape pen is a great choice if you’re looking for a soothing CBD experience accompanied with a light and happy high. Filled with flavorful Live Resin oil from CBD rich cannabis plants. The light buzz is great for new smokers too!

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