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The Banana OG Puff Pop pre-roll captures the rich banana terpenes from Banana OG to create a unique and satisfying experience. The popping activated terpene bead in the crutch enhance the natural aroma and taste of the premium, 100% flower-only pre-roll. Whether you’re a fan of fruity strains or just looking for a tasty new way to enjoy your favorite herb, the Banana OG Puff Pop is the perfect choice.

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TYPE Indica
STRAIN Banana Kush
WEIGHT 1 gram
THC 52.20%
CBD <2%
SMELL Banana, Sweet, Cream
PROMINENT TERPENES Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

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Enjoy that slow, satisfying burn everyday

There is never a need to rush your PUFF experience with each pre-roll’s re-sealable container. So go ahead – savor the moment, and enjoy every PUFF on your time.

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