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Try our new PUFF pops - 100% flower with a popping terpene bead in the crutch

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Our Mango Haze Puff Pop pre-roll, a delicious and new experience for cannabis consumers. Rolled with 100% premium flower and an activated mango haze terpene bead, pop the crutch and this pre-roll delivers a flavorful inhale with each puff. The sweet and tropical mango aroma is combined with the energetic and uplifting effects of the haze strain to create the perfect balance of flavor and euphoria.

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TYPE Sativa
STRAIN Mango Haze
WEIGHT 1 gram
THC 48.86%
CBD <2%
SMELL Mango, Tropical, Fruit
PROMINENT TERPENES Terpinolene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Get some mango haze

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Enjoy that slow, satisfying burn everyday

There is never a need to rush your PUFF experience with each pre-roll’s re-sealable container. So go ahead – savor the moment, and enjoy every PUFF on your time.

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